Sunday, October 4, 2015

He Expounded All Things In One

Would you like to enhance the quality of your scripture study? I'm embarking on a journey that might include you...

I'm about to finish my most recent study project of the past three years (Book title: The Saviours 272 Questions) and it's time to begin a project I've thought about for quite some time. What project..?

I'd like to collaborate with good friends across the globe on creating a doctrinal mind map - a complete "at a glance" overview of all LDS doctrine.

Where does this idea come from? Remember when the Saviour taught the righteous remnants of people in America? (see media clip below)

The record states, slightly paraphrased: "...he expounded all things in one" (3. Nephi 26:1-5), i.e. he explained how everything is connected. What might that look like? Well, it's kind of like a mind map of all doctrine, right? So that's what I'll set out to be doing.

Beginning Christmas 2015, when I'm ready to begin a new study project, I'll be studying the scriptures to find how all doctrine is connected. A complete map!

The task seems daunting, right? Now, instead of me doing this on my own... With today's technology we can do this together using a simple online mind mapping tool. Would you like to join?

Here are two steps you can take to qualify before I include you in this exciting journey:
  1. Required reading
  2. Ongoing participation in Church Education


  1. Hey Vidar, just looking through your blog and this post caught my eye. It sounds like a fun project. I'd be interested in participating! Hope you are doing well. -Ryan

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