Friday, November 28, 2014

Crucial Conversations

You may be surprised, but every problem we face has indeed a face. Whenever we're stuck or aren't getting the results we would like, there's at least one person we need to approach.

What was that saying again..? "It's all about the people!" Right..!

And we need that reminder, don't we? Having been certified as a Master Trainer in Crucial Conversations I've adopted a new habit:

If I don't get results, a) I identify the person I need to talk with and b) pinpoint the issue I need to address.

Invariably, I find that if I can get myself to actually muster the courage to talk to that individual, I also get the results I'm looking to achieve. If I don't, then results remain a dream.

You may ask yourself. Is it really that simple?

In my experience..? Yes.

Oh, and of course, sometimes it does take more than one conversation only.

Suggested action: Some people say that without daily exercise, they feel they deteriorate. I feel the same way about crucial conversations. If a day goes by without having a crucial conversation with someone, that day is simply unproductive. That's why I keep a list of conversations I need to have. And you know what I find?

(1) I listen a lot more. (2) I get to help people with problems that really matter.


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