Thursday, May 1, 2014

Remember Sunday

Sometimes you come across a movie that stands out in the crowd.

...and I stress sometimes! In my experience most movie productions these days are superficial to the point where if you ask yourself: Could this be for real? The answer would have to be "no".

Why? Well, either because whatever happens is simply unrealistic. But most of the time the world created by actors is simply over confident, way too talented and lucky or much too dramatic. The sensation of "that could be me" actually is more and more a factor completely missing.

As a result, we can relate and experience a limited degree of identification, but every so often - because of this exaggerated acting - we are pulled out of the story only to realize that's it's not real.

Yesterday, Lillian and I watched a rare piece of art. "Remember Sunday" is definitely worth watching. The plot and story is brilliantly put together. Best of all, the actors appear human, yet wonderfully enchanting.


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