Friday, December 20, 2013


Yesterday we sang Christmas songs for friends and elderly. One old man suggested that we go by his neighbours, an elderly couple. We learned that the husband has been looking after his disabled wife for 16 years. When our group of 20+ people entered the little room they were overwhelmed. Their reaction of gratitude and surprise was heartwarming, indeed. The songs sounded just a tiny bit better... I believe, however, they gave us more than we were able to give them.

During the days leading up to Christmas I've had two questions remain with me. The first rewarding question has been:
Is "giving" one of life's hidden secrets?
Are we so busy doing what we do that we sometimes miss the entire purpose of what it's all about? The second question, also rewarding to me is:
Does giving have a price?
The feeling that follows an act of kindness or service is simply sublime. I wonder, maybe giving always requires an effort? Without the effort, it probably isn't a real gift. Anyway, I believe I'll stick to giving this Christmas and the coming year. It feels much better than most other things ;-)

Singing harmonies in spite of a cold, wet and slippery evening.