Friday, August 16, 2013

Will Technology be More Personal in the Future?

Are you like me? ...becoming increasingly fed up with settings?

They say "the devil is in the details". Meaning what? That details are important? That details will kill us? Either way, personalizing technology; where will it take us? Will it take more or less of our time?

When I got my first smart phone, setting it up was a thrill. I spent a lot of time getting it "just right". It's different now! When I got my last Android, I hardly spent an effort tweaking it. Why the change?

Less time personalizing because we don't care?
Maybe it's because we've had our phone crash, and we lost everything. Setting it up again just hurts too much..! Or maybe it's because the phone crashed and we didn't lose anything due to a backup. Is it turning into a quick one-time-adjustment and then we can't be bothered to explore all the options?

Less time personalizing because we don't need to?
Maybe it's because the user interface has become so versatile, that it changes so frequently, that the need for variety has been met? Is the technology turnover ratio so high that the personal touch means less? Or is personalizing stuff too stressfull because we have more devices now than we've ever had before?

Less time personalizing because we don't do it?
Maybe it's because everything is moving to the cloud and settings are part of the app, leaving the details to the app developer? We simply pick the app that organizes our data the way we like it. Maybe personalized stuff has been outsourced to others who make money doing so?

Where do you think this takes us? Will personalizing our every-day technology be increasingly important?

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