Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why is Openness a Winning Wave?

(read in Norwegian)
Why do we participate in online discussions? What is it that drives us? Research is exploring the booming online evolution. There are many factors, but what are the essential drivers?

Personal Needs
Quite a few indicators seem to suggest that one of the main drivers behind online activity is the need to be heard and/or seen. Is this in line with Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

Organizational Needs
In addition to personal motivation there's the need for an organization to receive feedback from the market. Does this provide visibility and innovative power?

Openness Makes for a Tailwind
What happens when we combine a) our personal need for attention and b) a company's need for visibility and feedback? Could it be a near insatiable need for online collaboration?

Maybe a possible conclusion could be:
"Openness creates winners."

If so, the critical question we probably ought to ask ourselves is this:
"Could we influence smarter through greater openness and get better results?"

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