Thursday, August 29, 2013

Are Goals in Reality About Changing Behavior?

(Read in Norwegian)
To reach a goal, do we need to change something? And what is that "something"? Isn't it mostly human behavior? Are goals in reality about changing behavior?

Is it hard to reach a goal? Maybe, maybe not. If hard, then why? Could it be that it's because it demands that we do something we haven't done before? Maybe goals are best summarized with this quote attributed to Albert Einstein:
The definition of insanity is doing the same over and over again and expect different results.
We typically repeat ourselves
Have you ever been the leader of a team and implemented a strategy and a plan? How did it go? Pretty good to begin with? Over time, though... maybe not so good? Maybe these few sad stats might help explain what usually happens:

Failure #1: You present a strategy - only 50% actually understand it
Failure #2: Of those who understand - only 50% know what to do
Failure #3: Of those who know what to do - only 50% actually do it
(Source: Rough numbers provided by FranklinCovey)

...and some of those actually do it don't really care. They just do it because it's their jobb. On top of all this are the 17 pitfalls I've mapped out that causes teams and organizations to fail.

Are goals like art? Well, of course!

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