Monday, May 6, 2013

His Suffering Beyond Comprehension

Physical or mental pain and suffering is something we're all subject to. Spiritual suffering, however, may be a type of suffering we may not fully understand.

This morning I was running on the treadmill while listening to Boyd K. Packer and Dean M. Davies. Their inspired words lead me to ponder our great exemplar, whose name I suppose is too sacred to mention by name too frequently.

When I exert myself by running or in any other physical (or mental) endeavour, there always comes a point where I decide "I've had enough" or "I feel this might be sufficient" - even "healthy" or "necessary". Such must've been the case with Him also.

There are two aspects I keep reflecting on still, following this year's Easter: (1) His suffering in submission to the Father's will and duration. (2) His suffering beyond death. I wonder if our ultimate quest, i.e. beyond the veil and the life to come, could be to fathom or even fully appreciate the suffering He bled and died for us.

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