Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Getting Results

So what does it take to get results? Let's cut to the chase.

The mother of all success is a baby with three basic qualities.

In today's social, sharing and connected world, it seems everyone wants to answer this question. Every hour scores of articles are published providing different kinds of answers to this very question. If you were to distill the essence of it all - the read thread - the road to change and improvement remains the same:

(1) See it
Dream of it. Want it. Continually reaffirm purpose.

(2) Do it
Focus on what needs to be done and stay the course. Be consistent.

(3) Get it
Learn on the way. Make changes as needed. Be open. Enjoy it.

How to get results? Keep working on these three and everything else turns out to be simply subtitles or footnotes and technique.


  1. Any progress on getting Bergbys sennep available for online or in-store purchase in the U.S.? :)

  2. Unfortunately, no. They decided to put the project on hold. However I still hope that it will happen soon.

  3. Bummer. Oh well, thanks for replying anyway!