Monday, March 4, 2013

Self Esteem is the Greatest Gift to Children

If life has taught me anything, one valuable lesson must be this: "The greatest gift parents and teachers can give children is a powerful self esteem.

When I see how individuals perform, their productivity levels, the ability to creatively solve problems and the degree to which someone takes initiative when initiative is needed, it almost always comes down to that person's self esteem. Would you agree?

If this is important, the question that really matters could be:
"What behavior has the greatest influence on how we instill self confidence in others?"
I feel deeply sorry for children who grow up in an environment where parents or teachers hurt them for life. What is that one type of behavior that we possibly could change over night that profoundly affects self esteem in others?

The Sum of Small Words ang Signals
What is the sum of what we are saying to our children? Is it "I'm proud of you", "you have valuable talent" and "so happy to be in your presence"? What do we communicate between the lines? In any family, school, company or social setting we can...
...move from negative criticism to positive affirmations
Let's switch from catching people doing something wrong to highlighting the good. Quit criticizing. Stop it! And if we must provide guidance, let's do it lovingly one-on-one.

If the change from negative to positive is hard to make, you know what that means, right? It may be the first indicator of our own suffering self esteem.

Today I'm adding my own mother, Catharina Maria Top, to my List of Great People, because she offered lots of positive affirmation during my upbringing, for which I'll forever be grateful!

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