Thursday, March 21, 2013

Humility Makes All the Difference

Humility is of the essence. Why? When failure persists, failure fails. But when failure is acknowledged and made up for, failure is success.

So this morning I had a thought I'd like to share...

People love someone who cares, right? At least I do. If my leader is anxiously engaged in me and my welfare, I very much appreciate that. Complacent or indifferent leaders are simply so NOT what we want.

I'm not saying that we need a leader who's "all over us". All I'm saying is, we need leaders who are emotionally invested in our success. Of course, how to passionately lead is highly unique from person to person.

Now, here's the thing. Everyone makes mistakes - leaders included. Except for Jesus, no one is perfect, right? That leads me to my conclusion about what kind of a leader (or person) I want to be:

The Humble Leader Matrix

Consider the matrix above...

Given that everyone sometimes make mistakes - we don't want to, but we do - what really makes the difference must be humility. Why? Because the worst thing must be the fear of doing something wrong and not do anything (or abstain from needed action).

Of course, what we strive to achieve is excellence, which could be for instance a) asking a lot of questions before we execute, b) learn and stick to best practice or 3) double check with a better partner or colleague to assure quality etc. But the sumum bonum of all this is: "Mistakes happen!" And when they do, what is required is a leader that has the heart to invest his or her strength to say "I'm sorry".

Saying "sorry" for real hurts! That's why true leadership implies regular pain. I commit to feel more of that pain. Ya think..!?

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