Sunday, March 31, 2013

Families Are for Talking

Just talking together as a family is probably what gives me the best of feelings. Just talking is not just talking. It's when I feel our family is a family.

I consider myself privileged having had a family throughout my life. I know wonderful people who do not have a family and who wish they had. My prayer is that they may one day have one.

I also believe I know families who sometimes take family members for granted. This is just as sad as the former group. Maybe I sometimes am guilty of this myself, but I try not to be.

How do we not take our family for granted? In my opinion, the best way to be a family is to speak with one another. Conversation is priceless. Families are for talking.

I have precious memories from family dialogue. With today's hectic lifestyle we might lose track of what really matters. Let's savour those special moments when sharing thoughts and feelings take place.

Caught reading with the kids and I'm glad this picture was taken.

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