Friday, February 1, 2013

Pride in the Workplace

Is pride in the workplace an issue? Would things be different if we knew how to deal with our ego? Here's food for thought; how to first deal with our own tender feelings, then help others.

One of the most valuable notions I picked up during my growing up is probably this:
"The world is not logical - it's psychological"
For instance, when I disagree with another person, whether it be in the present or about something in the past, I can always trust this principle:
Try to understand the other person from their point of view and you've found the "truth".
Knowing that my perception of how things are, in fact, can be priority # two, I can always take the initiative and apologize first in light of how the other person perceives me and the problem.

What a wonderfully simple, yet powerful, guideline this is: When we sincerely apologize for our behavior from the perspective of the other person, it not only becomes easier to do so. It immediately increases mutual understanding and respect. We can talk about the real issues, from both perspectives, without attacking each other personally.

Through all my years in consulting I find that this one concept alone makes a big difference. When we learn to practice understanding the other first, there's always a solution to be found. And it begins with getting off our high horse by saying: "From your point of view, how have I hurt your feelings..?"

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  1. You're on to it. The real issue behind what you call pride/ego is fear; fear of showing emotions; fear that showing emotions is a sign of weakness; fear of admitting that I have emotions and are ruled by them and not my intellect. Leaders and coworkers are suffering in their communication, their ability to collaborate and ultimately their performances at work. Because to be able to identify, and to view though the others emotional perspective, you first have to know your own emotions, fear, sorrow, anger and envy. And when you are able to identify which negative emotion is ruling the other person at the moment, and have knowledge about emotional communication, you can communicate with them.