Monday, November 19, 2012

3 Gates to a Successful Sale

Sometimes skilled people in charge of sales waste time. What kind of wasted time are we talking about? And if you are wasting time, how can you make better use of your time?

By Hilde Kristine Rosenvold
Firstly, wasting time on opportunities that never turn into business. Secondly, spending too much time on trying to close the deal. Both are unnecessary.

What can you do to improve your sales and / or forecasting? Here are three critical gates that quickly will tell you whether or not the business is coming your way.

(1) Will the Customer Commit?
Never leave another call or meeting without inviting the client to do something to move the sale one step further. Think it through before every kind of customer interaction. If there's no commitment this is a clear indication you're going nowhere.

(2) Are You Overlapping on Price?
The final price or investment does not need to be decided, but at least find out if there's an overlap. Do not hesitate to raise the issue early on, preferably during the first face-to-face interaction.

(3) Do You Have Access to Every Decision Maker?
If you do not map out decision makers early on, you are bound to meet one or more decision makers at times when it's counterproductive. Take control from the start.

If one ore more of these three fail, tell him or her you look forward to doing business some time in the near future: e.g. "Next time, please, be prepared to grant me access to everyone involved."

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