Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Three Pillars of Communication

The presidential debates, with the second one coming up today, have underscored how we are influenced in this, the 21st century. In short, influence rests on three major pillars.

If you want to be a successful communicator, you need to master the three pillars of communication. They are the foundation of everything from rhetoric and persuasive power to personal chemistry.

Today, communication is mainly about three things:

(1) Energized communication (i.e. energation)
(2) Asking effective questions
(3) Online presence

(1) Energy
Does the level of energy have an impact on the people around you? Some have claimed a presidential debate has little or next to no effect on the outcome of an election. How wrong can they be? Obama, in his lackluster performance Oct 3rd, may have lost the entire election with his poor opening debate. Why? Some say it's because of his lack of energy. My book on energy provides insight into the details of energy in communication, or in one word energation.

(2) Questions
Do questions make a difference? Inevitably, you'll find that influential people, also higher up in organizational hierarchies, statistically ask more and better questions. Why? The person to ask the question sets the agenda, gets the information and holds all the cards. There literally are hundreds of reasons why questions are key to effective communication.

(3) Online presence
A few days ago I entered the room of a CEO I did not know. However, he knew me, and it made all the difference. Online branding and content precedes you. And if you're not there, others will be. It doesn't take much effort to be visible and in the right place if you know a little about how it works. It's a worthwhile investment.

So what? Well, it's pretty straightforward. If you're missing out on either energy, questioning skills or online presence, fix it. Without it you're struggling uphill.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Norwegian: Social Media Intro

I just stumbled upon a recording made last year...

Here's an (Norwegian speaking) intro to social media and how useful online tools may be to your business and organization. Much to my surprise, the content is still highly relevant. Maybe social media isn't moving as fast as we sometimes think it is, after all..?!

From kick-off Telemark best på web 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Are You Asking Effective Question?

(Recorded webcast in Norwegian)

Asking effective and appropriate questions is critical for success within any area. Are you asking the right questions in the best sequence? And how would you know if you are? Here are some of the basics.

Some time ago I filled a Norwegian guest speaker assignment on social media. Here's a recording (in Norwegian) of the online class presentation.

Stiller du gode spørsmål? from Vidar Top on Vimeo.