Thursday, July 5, 2012

Are You Manage-able?

In case you didn't know, good managers are manageable first.

Manage-able, or "able to be managed", is a trait of leaders.

In other words, before becoming a great leader you should first qualify as an obedient follower with the ability "to be led" - willingly.

1st Level of Leadership
Managers and leaders who never learned the lesson of "manage able" tend to be anything but "able managers". Look up  manageable in the dictionary and you'll find a wonderful list of characteristics managers should posess. Not those attributes that most people think of first, but that's because most people have not yet understood real leadership.

How to get there? To become an able manager fully submit proactively to the management of your own manager. We may call it "effective leadership training".

2nd Level of Leadership
Wondering what the higher level of qualified leadership is? No more craving to always be in charge and to satisfy the need for "glory" by being in the spotlight with all the attention.

How to get there? You practice servant-leadership by serving the people you lead and turn them into leaders. In a very real way, the ultimate kind of leadership is returning to the position you were in when you began your journey, but this time, with rich perspective, you help others travel the same road more successfully than you did yourself.

BTW, management and leadership are not the same, but in this setting they are purposefully mixed ;-)

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