Monday, June 4, 2012

Where to Find Experienced Board Members

A simple online survey question with more than 600 respondents makes for an interesting database of good people. Here's an indication of the experience this LinkedIn group offers collectively.

Some time ago I posted a question in the LinkedIn group for "board members in Norway" (Styremedlemmer i Norge). The question was simply "how much practical experience do you have as a board member?". If you consider the distribution of answers provided, I believe at least one interesting observation may be construed:

The people in this group have a keen interest for board work and new opportunities. 1,684 out of 5,974 participants have signed up as "available" (Ledig for styreverv), i.e. 28% of them are open to new challenges. From the survey it appears that appx 75% of the people in this group have 4+ years of board room experience. More than half of these exceed ten years as a board member.

I believe that makes for an exciting source to find possible candidates to help guide your organization in the right direction, don't you?