Friday, May 18, 2012

BI LinkedIn Group Reaches Second Milestone

The Norwegian Business School (BI) reaches its second milestone at LinkedIn. With more than ten thousand registered participants the BI LinkedIn group remains the largest academic online group in Norway.

BI LinkedIn moves beyond ten thousand participants. With 65% of its demographic population in Oslo, it appears the hub of current and former students is located in the capital of Norway. As the group increases in numbers the amount of discussions (green) and comments (blue) are gradually - ever so slowly - growing in frequency.

Comments (blue) and discussions (green) gradually growing in frequency at BI LinkedIn.

Today you'll find that almost every significant news coming from The Norwegian Business School is published via this channel. Smart way to stay up to date and tuned in on lifelong and continuing education from what I believe is the best academic institution for "a business mind set" in the Nordics.

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  1. Oh really then that is appreciable for largest academic online group of Norway.