Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Your Identity and Brand Decides

Out of work? Want to secure your future? Consider this: Don't decide what you want to do, but rather who you want to be. Then go to it and create your personal brand.

I tell my kids; "if you're the renowned expert in an area where there's consistent demand for help, you will never be out of a job". Today's market is continually less about roles and increasingly more about results.

Consequently, your education should be focused on gaining expertice and not on entering a particular line of work. Today, even industry specific education has become less important. Whether it be knowledge or ability, just focus on becoming known for being the best at what you know and/or do, and you'll be fine.

And one more thing: You gotta be passionate about it!


  1. Definitely! Couldn't agree more. I think that is the natural consequence of our world becoming more dominated by networks than hierarchies (