Saturday, March 10, 2012

I've Seen Something

(A) Insight # 1
WHY and WHAT makes so few people give it their all?

  (B) Insight # 2
     WHO really wants lasting success and understands synergy?

     (C) Insight # 3
          HOW does one find personal energy, making us unstoppable?

     (C') Insight # 4
          A person without PASSION will eventually give in to opposing forces

  (B') Insight # 5
     A person that does not CONNECT with others cannot succeed

(A') Insight # 6
Without passion and connection INTUITION, your potential, remains untapped

Lesson learned
If we do not regularly search purpose in quite moments we will not build a screaming "YES" inside. Without a clear mission burning in our hearts we lose the battle against laziness in the moment.

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