Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Givers Gain

I've always spoken warmly about how giving first leads to greater gains in the long run. Today we met Laura Hurren from BNI who underscores the same principle.

You may have heard about the professor who every year sent a Christmas card to a complete stranger, and who every year received a happy response in kind.

People are inclined to "return the favour". Robert Cialdini has spoken on the topic for years. It's a rule, an unwritten law among humans. Give someone something and you can expect something in return. We naturally feel a need to even the score. In one word, "reciprocity".

Now here's the beauty of it: In my experience, if you truly give without thought of getting the returning benefits, what comes back tends to be even greater.

Laura Hurren's message today was enthusiastically received by 46 participants at BNI this morning, slightly paraphrased; "When we interact with people hungry for more business, inevitably we'll find more opportunities ourselves".

Laura Hurren speaking at the BNI Skien chapter.


  1. Dear Laura,
    Your speak today was very interesting. Thank you so much for coming the hole way to Skien, Norway.
    Hope you had a nice trip home.


  2. Great and inspiring speech, Laura! You make it all sound so easy and natural:-) And thank you for reminding us that inviting people to BNI actually means doing them a favour.

    Best regards, Frøydis G. Hovden
    Norwegian Association of Blind and Partially sighted (NABP)

  3. Hi again Laura, thank you for a very inspirering speech at BNI ibsen today. Fun hearing about others experiences in other country's...feeling the breath of the BNI world.

    Hope to meet you again :-)

    Pernille from bache DESIGN

  4. Hi!

    Tank you for a very inspireing lecture today, Laura. Looking forward to see and hear you next time. Have a safe trip back to the UK.

    Oyvind Meen Kittilsen
    SALUS Consulting Norway Ltd.

  5. Thank you for words to remind me why I am a BNI member.

    Eli Ducros
    Telemark Red Cross

  6. Dear Laura,
    You inspireing and motivating me, and no also you did the same to my collegues in the chapter in Skien. Thank you so much for coming to Norway and to our region. Looking foreward to see you again.

    All the best,