Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Givers Gain

I've always spoken warmly about how giving first leads to greater gains in the long run. Today we met Laura Hurren from BNI who underscores the same principle.

You may have heard about the professor who every year sent a Christmas card to a complete stranger, and who every year received a happy response in kind.

People are inclined to "return the favour". Robert Cialdini has spoken on the topic for years. It's a rule, an unwritten law among humans. Give someone something and you can expect something in return. We naturally feel a need to even the score. In one word, "reciprocity".

Now here's the beauty of it: In my experience, if you truly give without thought of getting the returning benefits, what comes back tends to be even greater.

Laura Hurren's message today was enthusiastically received by 46 participants at BNI this morning, slightly paraphrased; "When we interact with people hungry for more business, inevitably we'll find more opportunities ourselves".

Laura Hurren speaking at the BNI Skien chapter.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I've Seen Something

(A) Insight # 1
WHY and WHAT makes so few people give it their all?

  (B) Insight # 2
     WHO really wants lasting success and understands synergy?

     (C) Insight # 3
          HOW does one find personal energy, making us unstoppable?

     (C') Insight # 4
          A person without PASSION will eventually give in to opposing forces

  (B') Insight # 5
     A person that does not CONNECT with others cannot succeed

(A') Insight # 6
Without passion and connection INTUITION, your potential, remains untapped

Lesson learned
If we do not regularly search purpose in quite moments we will not build a screaming "YES" inside. Without a clear mission burning in our hearts we lose the battle against laziness in the moment.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is Your Cashflow Suffering?

What is good business? Good business is determined by your cashflow. What impacts your cashflow most? The main driver behind a positive and increasing cashflow is ultimately one thing only. You can talk all you want about procesess, products, price and even principles, but the deciding factor in value creation with a capital p is People!

Without people your business is nothing. Whether they're inside or outside the company, you need good people to deal with even better people. And if by some strange coincidence you find a successful business with "bad people" it's always because the bad people found a way to exploit the value created by "good people".

There simply is no value creation or prosperous business without quality people and hard work in the other end.

Of course, you already knew this. Nothing new about that. But here's what you may have forgotten, in the middle of everything else you tend to focus on... What can we infer from the fact that "good people" are behind all "good business"?

Communication Makes Quality People
People need constant attention. They need to be understood and appreciated. If your cashflow is suffering today, it's because you neglected someone yesterday. There is no substitue for the one thing that builds people and value: EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION, which means carrying a heartfelt regular one-on-one conversation with the people that matter in your life.

Here's how regular one-on-one leads to better cashflow: One-on-one builds trust. Trust unleashes power in relationships and people. People with self esteem and direction focus on delivering value. Value has a price. Price is the basis for your invoice and the invoice decides whether or not the money is coming in. Don't you forget that. Go talk to someone - NOW!