Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Email Done the Right Way

Is email making your life too stressful? Here's good advice: Read email only once! And here's how and why.

You'd like to make email trouble a thing of the past..?

Yes, it's possible. In fact, it's simple: "Do not use your inbox as a task list."

The email inbox was not designed to be a task list. It gets way too cluttered. Keep your inbox much like you do your SMS messages. Read them, store them and move on. Don't ever return to old messages. It simply is not effective.

If you're asking why, my answer is very simple. Have you ever met someone that truly made it work? Sometimes I meet people who claim the inbox is their task list, and that it works. But then, if you dig deeper, you'll find these people are deeply frustrated and stressed with regular intervals. Don't believe it. Do not do it!

In order to make the change, all you need to do is decide one of three possible outcomes for each email you read:

  • NO ACTION REQUIRED: Archive it.
  • SIMPLE ACTION REQUIRED: If you can deal with it right away, or pass the ball back or to someone else, then hit reply or forward immediately. Keep messages as short as possible. Long emails tend to come back with more work.
  • WORK REQUIRED: Does the email take extra effort? If yes, move it to your task list with a deadline. Keep that task list prioritized and up to date.
Believe me, I've witnessed people increase their effectiveness by leaps and bounds this way. How to do it? Decide to never read emails more than once - from now on!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Millenial Education

Ask yourself this question: What are the most important factors of millenial education?

Education is a hugely important and complex topic and there are many important and "correct answers". However, just for once, can we keep it simple?

We already have the academics in place. Let's keep improving that aspect, for sure. In my opinion, real-life practioners and entrepreneurs is what Norwegian millenial education needs most.

Students need training not only from academians, but a balanced influence from "people who have done it" and know how the real world works. The balance between theory and practice is something I wish I myself had more of during my own schooling. What about you? Did you get that balance? What would have been different if you had been taught by both people who could provide theoretical knowledge as well as professionals with a sound record?

These days, Skien is considering the location of our high school. Some of the politicians seem to be completely off track! Klosterøya is an incredible opportunity to combine both hands-on expertise and "all the rest". What are they thinking?

Terje Klaussen said it well the other day, when interviewed by Varden: "The debate is without ambition"