Friday, January 6, 2012

Marketing in Six Bullets

Do you want the six bullets of marketing?
Wheter it be teaching children...
reaching out to a large group of people...
...or penetrating markets
long term influence is about the heart.

The heart and soul ignites when a simple thought triggers a lot of feelings and emotions.

All we need is something to unleash associative stimulus.

When feelings are stirred we're caught.

That's why the message needs to be dead simple.

A few words may be used in slogans and tag lines.

But much more convincing than persuasive words is the "stuff" that triggers emotions.

I group emotional triggers in six categories...

Pictures and Symbols
Rythm and Tune

Mix them with a bucket full of practice...

...and a lot of enthusiasm.

And you have a winning combination

IF you believe in your own product!


  1. "If you believe that then you do it,under any circumstances because if you believe you can, then you really will.That believe just keep you searching for the answers,and then pretty soon you get it". - Wally Amos

  2. Bulls eye! Yes, I've witnessed quite a few marketing campaigns over the years that might have been successful, but failed simply due to the lack of stamina and smarts. Why? Because in the end the person in charge did not deeply believe in his or her own product.