Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are BI Alumni Trends As Expected?

What trends can we spot as the BI Alumni group continues to grow? Are these trends in line with what you'd expect?

This week the Norwegian Business School's Alumni group at LinkedIn will grow beyond 7,000 alumnus. Last week we had another 63 alumnus join. The most we've ever had is 143 registrations in one week, i.e. Oct 2008. The growth rate has been slow but steady.

An average of appx 2,000 alumnus per year joining the BI Alumni group

As the number of alumnus is growing it's interesting to view some of the statistics and possible trends. Of the 7,000 former students (with a few exceptions) 648 are in Information Technology and Services. 637 are in Marketing and Advertising. These two industries are each 9% of the total group. Other dominant industries are, as shown below, respectively Financial Services (7%), Management Consulting (7%), Oil & Energy (5%) and Human Resources (4%).

Industry distribution of Norwegian Business School alumnus.

65% of all current and former students, including registered staff are living in Oslo. The second most popular location for BI alumnus is Stavanger, but still way behind with less than 5%.

Always of interest is the type of role group members have in business. As of now, it appears the majority are in senior positions, closely followed by a managerial role.

Current seniority / roles of BI Alumni students.

Unfortunately, since BI Alumni by far is the largest Norwegian student alumni group at LinkedIn, there is no other group to compare with. As other Alumni groups grow in size and number, future students should be able to see whether or not the Norwegian Business School can help them boost their careers the way they aspire to. It should be an interesting process to witness as it unfolds.

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