Monday, November 14, 2011

Why Create Content From Scratch?

How often have you produced text, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, org charts and even drawings and illustrations completely from scratch... and then thought: Someone must have made something similar that I can reuse and value add..!?

The online resources available today are truly amazing. I find that most people are completely ignorant about the possibilities. As a result they lose out BIG time, most of all, in time and quality, simply for "lack of smartness". The side effects of not utilizing the web..? A whole array of them, which I won't egen go into this time. Bottom line; someone's always standing a little taller. Use it!

I'll just share one quick example: Google Templates

Scenario: You have an upcoming project for which you'll apply SCRUM. Within seconds you log into Google docs, press the create button and find the "Templates" menu option. In the search field input "scrum". Select your desired template and start value adding your own adjmustments. In less than 5 minutes you're set to go.

My advice: Never produce another document on your hard drive (I haven't the past four years), and never produce anything without asking yourself if maybe someone already has done 98% of the job for you.

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