Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Telemark Like You've Never Seen It

Have you ever been to Telemark? Would you like to visit Telemark in the blink of an eye? And not just any kind of visit... Why not visit Telemark online from the sky?

Now you can view and experience Telemark like you've never seen it before. With the click of a button you can see and experience Telemark 360 degrees. Zoom in, move up or down and spin around. Making View from Hamar provides an astonishing online experience.
Now, ask yourself? Would you distribute pictures like this via email? Of course not. You only forward the web link. It's online for a reason. Somehow we all understand that. But what about that email attachment..? Are you sure it's smart to send it? If you carefully think it through you may discover the new and better paradigm. It's this:
"Share, refer and link information - never distribute"
In fact, next time you're about to send an attachment, STOP! Instead of sending it, upload it to the cloud and only distribute the link to it, possibly combined with a question or two. It'll surprise you what happens with your interactive effectiveness - over time. Trust me ;-)

Learn more about this topic at "Telemark best på web" November 25th at Skagerak Arena.

Project documentation and project slides.

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