Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Telemark Like You've Never Seen It

Have you ever been to Telemark? Would you like to visit Telemark in the blink of an eye? And not just any kind of visit... Why not visit Telemark online from the sky?

Now you can view and experience Telemark like you've never seen it before. With the click of a button you can see and experience Telemark 360 degrees. Zoom in, move up or down and spin around. Making View from Hamar provides an astonishing online experience.
Now, ask yourself? Would you distribute pictures like this via email? Of course not. You only forward the web link. It's online for a reason. Somehow we all understand that. But what about that email attachment..? Are you sure it's smart to send it? If you carefully think it through you may discover the new and better paradigm. It's this:
"Share, refer and link information - never distribute"
In fact, next time you're about to send an attachment, STOP! Instead of sending it, upload it to the cloud and only distribute the link to it, possibly combined with a question or two. It'll surprise you what happens with your interactive effectiveness - over time. Trust me ;-)

Learn more about this topic at "Telemark best på web" November 25th at Skagerak Arena.

Project documentation and project slides.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Why Create Content From Scratch?

How often have you produced text, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, org charts and even drawings and illustrations completely from scratch... and then thought: Someone must have made something similar that I can reuse and value add..!?

The online resources available today are truly amazing. I find that most people are completely ignorant about the possibilities. As a result they lose out BIG time, most of all, in time and quality, simply for "lack of smartness". The side effects of not utilizing the web..? A whole array of them, which I won't egen go into this time. Bottom line; someone's always standing a little taller. Use it!

I'll just share one quick example: Google Templates

Scenario: You have an upcoming project for which you'll apply SCRUM. Within seconds you log into Google docs, press the create button and find the "Templates" menu option. In the search field input "scrum". Select your desired template and start value adding your own adjmustments. In less than 5 minutes you're set to go.

My advice: Never produce another document on your hard drive (I haven't the past four years), and never produce anything without asking yourself if maybe someone already has done 98% of the job for you.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

LinkedIn Stats Norwegian Business School

The Norwegian School of Business (Norwegian: Handelshøyskolen BI) is gradually growing its LinkedIn Alumni group. Now counting more than 6,000 members, you can see the statistics of how this group has developed.

Today LinkedIn released new group functionality displaying group statistics. Via a fairly simple user interface group owners (and managers) like myself can now share stats on group development and current status.

Here are stats for some of my groups:

One more reason to spend a little time every day building and maintaining groups at LinkedIn ;-)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being and Becoming vs Getting and Gathering

Here's the thing... In the middle of all our efforts to produce results, what really matters isn't really the result.

You're thinking: "What's he saying? Vidar's work is all about deliverables, execution, numbers, hard data and results! What's this rubbish?!"

I believe we should always remember: When we focus on reaching goals, executing strategy, making our budget and stirring organizational effectiveness we B-E-C-O-M-E. The result is being and becoming, not only getting or gathering. Upon entering life we're naked, and naked it is when we leave. Thus, the result that ultimately matters most is what life has made of us, not so much what we made of life.

I enjoy daily struggles because of what we can accomplish, but even more so because of what I believe it helps us become. If at any moment I forget that deeper purpose, sooner of later I find frustration and "become less". But when I remember that in the middle of all the pain the real value is the very process, then that thought itself inspires me and quite possibly "improves my becoming".

The Humble Servant
It reminds me of a story I once heard, and maybe you can help me find the source to it..?

There once was a king who had a faithful and humble servant. One day the king announced his leaving on a long journey and ordered the servant to move a huge rock. More than a year went by, but the servant unable to move the big stone even a single inch, grew increasingly disappointed with himself. When the king returned the servant lamented his failure to perform his duty. The king set him in front of a mirror and there the servant saw and witnessed a transformation he hardly was able to recognize. "I never wanted the rock removed", said the king. "I only desired your individual growth and strength".