Monday, October 17, 2011

Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Leadership

What are the characteristics of entrepreneurial leadership? Over the years a lot of research has gone into answering this question appropriately. Here's an indication of what may be significant.

Today Ernst & Young hosted another seminar on strategy. I spoke to a body of competent CEOs and CFOs, all keen on the subject. Why share?

Well, for one, it is evident that if companies are to have any success at all they need someone to lead them. Secondly, entrepreneurial leadership surfaces to be key in every respect. Specifically it means:
  • entrepreneurship comes in "two or more" (learning from each experience)
  • entrepeneurs see opportunities where others see problems (accepting calculated risk combined with tolerance of failure)
  • entrepreneurs often grow into seasoned leaders as a result of favorable conditions for growth
  • entrepreneurship succeeds when an ecosystem of funding and expert people support the idea
  • unsuccessful companies can learn from successful entrepreneurs
The Entrepreneur Of The Year program is a well established tradition which highlights and honors these traits. Tomorrow the regional event takes place at Ibsenhuset where prominent guests will be in attendance.

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