Friday, September 30, 2011

Focus With Inner Conviction

If there's one key point that's worth making, what would it be? In my opinion, it must be to highlight the principle and privilege of "focus".

What does it mean to focus? If we were to extract the essence, I believe focus must be to:
Discover WHO you want to become, WHY you want it and WHAT it will take.
And then, more importantly than anything else, once you've felt that conviction and illumination inside, decide to actually get it done by saying no to everything that will distract or dilute your mission and purpose.

Focus With Power
In my experience, there's one danger lurking, however! While coaching I witness a lot of people who believe they've found their mission only to discover at some point in time that unfortunately they chose unwisely. They selected a focus in life that failed them long term. How can we be sure our focus is placed wisely? I may have valuable advice that works indeed:
"LISTEN to and OBEY your conscience".
How do we listen to our conscience? Take time to read inspired literature and reflect.

How do we obey our conscience? Make planning a lifestyle.

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