Monday, August 29, 2011

Use We Language

I spend much of my time (and focus) listening to other people. Listening has taken on rich meaning as I have studied empirical data relating to questioning techniques, conversations, dialog patterns in meetings as well as specific scenarios such as negotiations.

There are some very simple characteristics that tells a lot about a person - his or her attitude, self image, passion, empathy and many other traits so important to how we function together. Today let me share just a small piece of advice:
When you compliment someone say "you" and be specific. When you share success say "we" and highlight others.

Overcoming The Ego
Even though it's common sense and "respectful diplomatic behavior" which even a child understands, so many of us make this frequently repeated mistake. Rather childishly we tend to reduce praise of others and too easily take credit for more than we actually contributed.

When we sincerely and consistently praise others, our friends will grow in numbers and feel inclined to return the favor. If we withhold praise and constantly promote ourselves, we end up poor indeed!

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