Thursday, August 4, 2011

LinkedIn Signal

LinkedIn Signal has been launched and has taken quite a few steps to making updates a whole lot more useful.

LinkedIn Signal is a stroke of genius, in my opinion. By staying focused on user value, LinkedIn now allows you to filter updates from LinkedIn and Twitter e.g. based on where people are located geographically and / or what organization they work for. I can widen my search to include 1st, 2nd or even 3rd degree contacts. It also allows me to filter based on role, time, industry, groups, topics... With LinkedIn Signal this platform has become a lot more "social" - and useful!

LinkedIn Signal increases the value of time invested in LinkedIn. Suddenly it matters so much more to have a big network of people and contacts.

A few examples to illustrate how this may be used to filter updates:
  • Norwegian CEO's in a particular industry
  • Tech guru's in Google and Microsoft
  • Topic specific search the past ten minutes among leaders in a select region
  • ... wauw!
In this respect LinkedIn has a unique offering, for now.

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