Monday, August 1, 2011

Telemark Online

Key players in Telemark are taking active steps to improve and increase online visibility.

"Telemark best på web" has its kick-off Friday the 26th of August at Skagerak Arena, 11:30 am - 15:30 pm.

A core group of 26 key representatives is the beginning of online expertise in Telemark. We are aiming to start welcoming altruistically minded experts on a running basis and collaborate for some of the following purposes:
  • lift each other to increase online visibility
  • share knowledge to create a learning environment
  • help each other to generate more business
  • improve in-house communication to reach goals and objectives
Smoking out some of the best web 2.0 resources in Telemark is an ongoing process, which began early this year. If you have an inherent interest for social media and innovative web tools, you may want to participate. Send email to for more information or fill in an online application.

A few words about each focused objective:

(1) Increasing Online Visibility
Why? Every organization needs to communicate its purpose and offering.
What? We lift each other via the appropriate online channels.
How? By following and positively reinforcing each other in everything we do online.

(2) Creating a Learning Environment
Why? Every organization needs to constantly learn and flexibly apply itself to the market place.
What? We share updated knowledge and insight about online tools and platforms.
How? By gathering once a month in an organized expert and user council.

(3) Generating More Business
Why? Every organization needs to support its users and close new contracts.
What? We help each other keep abreast of online innovation and find new ways to reach customers.
How? By organizing and getting the most important and pressing work done together.

(4) Reaching Goals and Objectives
Why? Every organization has business critical goals and objectives.
What? We improve internal and external communication and focus on what matters most to your organization, right now.
How? The agenda remains flexible to running needs and participants decide what is being addressed.

Our online document for best practices will be a work in progress. It is open for public viewing and editing as a Google Document. Feel free to chip in! (For more information see Telemark Growing Online Presence.)

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