Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Global Elite Sales Collaboration

More than three thousand sales professionals around the globe are about to embark on an exciting journey. Through online collaboration they will redefine the sales profession.

Elite Sales Professionals will collaborate to:
"Redefine the sales profession as being the single most important type of competence of the 21st century."
To do this a carefully considered beginning path to establishing the "3E Code of Excellence" (a working title for this global project initiative) has been suggested:

2011 is About Passion
Passion comes as a result of gaining insight!

A small group of handpicked professionals will figure out how to map out and categorize a list of the best sales literature available today. They will take the lead in this and also suggest how to identify sales gurus around the globe, together with thousands of others. The result will be an ongoing process to build a knowledge base for people who want to spend their precious time to achieve real quality and excellence in their sales profession.

2012 is About Connection
Connection comes as a result of sharing insight!

Once the first group has established the foundation of a growing knowledge base, a second group will begin explore how to facilitate interaction beyond the online forum. A series of free online webinars will be organized on specific sales related topics. Well known gurus will be invited to host them in the language they themselves prefer. (We suppose English will mostly be the preferred language platform.

2013 is About Intuition
Intuition comes as a result of practicing insight!

The third group will be challenged to start asking "so what" at the end of each online session. Specifically, they will explore possibilities touching how to move from sharing to applied action.

To participate you first need to become part and qualify for this small community for Elite Sales Professionals at LinkedIn.

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