Friday, August 12, 2011

Alert Like a Cat

Our cat is always on the alert. The tiniest sound or movement triggers its attention. As a spectator to this show we sometimes laugh at him (BTW, his name is Leo). Leo's so sensitive to opportunities to catching game, he's simply hyperactive.

Asleep, but still on the alert..!
Did you ever witness a cat with a bird or rat in its mouth? I mean, wauw! Is it not amazing to see what effective hunters they are? Well then, what makes a great hunter? One argument might be "the one's who keep trying", and I might add "...are willing to fail frequently".

I like our cat. I like the initiative. We may call Leo naive or unrealistic, but there's something about his positive nature that makes him more successful, simply because he keeps believing there's something he can catch, even though his rate of failure is higher than any reasonable person would be willing to endure.

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