Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Use Your Initiative and Resourcefulness

Early mornings our family reads together. It's one of the most valuable traditions we share. Let me tell a story about what happened this morning - something that put a smile to my face.

When we read together as a family in the morning, each one of us has the same book, but on the front page of each copy is the name of whose book it is. To our kids it has become important to actually own the book they are reading from. They will always make sure that whatever copy they're reading from is in fact their own.

Today Ellinor (age 5) could not find her book. For some reason it was gone. Clearly, this was something that upset her. Quite frankly, we didn't think of it as such a big problem. After all, this has happened many times before: "Can you please just use this book for now? We'll find your book by tomorrow, OK..?" (The "clean" book I gave her had no name in the front.) Before we knew it she was off to the kitchen, got a pencil, sat down at the table and wrote her own name on the front page. Now everything was fine!

Well, what do you make of that?! We want our children to use their "initiative and resourcefulness". I believe it is an important pattern or habit anyone can adopt. There's nothing like being around people that take the initiative coupled with applying personal talents and abilities to enrich the people they are with. Today, Ellinor taught me this lesson again, and for that and many other reasons she's on my list of great people.

I thought I'd share this story with you because I just read an inspiring article on storytelling authored by Mark Satterfield.

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