Thursday, June 2, 2011

Norwegian Business School

Handelshøyskolen BI has updated its official English name to Norwegian Business School. What will its main competitor do to counteract? And not only the name, but what about former students? What role does a fast growing Alumni group have in the future of academic institutions?

A couple of months ago the academic institution from which I received my degrees changed its name to Norwegian Business School. The name change is an interesting one, as there are two academic schools competing for the lead in Norwegian economic education.

Of course, the name itself may indicate to future students which one they may want to prefer. For this reason, I'm now telling peers that I suspect a similar name change from what today is known as "The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration". Too lenghty? Sure, the name is too long. I bet their marketing department has been screaming for a shorter version for quite some time now. We'll see what happens.

Tomorrow is a three year anniversary for me. In June 2008 I organized the Alumni group of the Norwegian Business School at LinkedIn which now has more than 5,000 alumni members. It is the biggest of its kind in Norway, and we will continue to grow it.

I believe a large group of alumnus will be increasingly important to the long term success of any academic institution. In more than one way, taking good care of each former student represents an investment in the growth of future students, just like a little child putting money into a piggy bank.

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