Saturday, May 14, 2011

Have a Great Weekend!

To most people in the western culture "the weekend" starts on a Friday. Question is, when? After work? Think about it..! From early Friday morning it's customary or common practice to end conversations with the usual expression: "Have a great weekend!" Why do we do that? What are we in reality saying or doing?

For those of us who work regular hours (and a lot of us don't, of course) "have a great weekend!" is in reality a kind of celebration. The message isn't so much "I sure hope the weekend turns out well" as it is "I just wanted to remind you, we're almost there again - isn't it great?!"

Just like "merry Christmas!", "have a great weekend!" is a quick way to look forward to "the stuff people really want". From getting some extra sleep and a mental break to spending time with family and friends, whatever it is, "have a great weekend!" is a way to trigger happy thoughts. And like Peter Pan, happy thoughts make us fly. Depending on what you're looking forward to, "have a great weekend" releases endorphins.

For me, Fridays are inspiring because of it. Sure. But then again, I love Mondays just as much. Why? I love what I do. I love life. Think happy thoughts!

p.s. Did you know that Facebook and Twitter updates tend to be fewer and negative as the week begins, and are increasingly positive and large in number as the end of the week draws near? Are you like that?

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