Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can I Have a Hug, Please?

Communication between the lines is where it's at. Always look for what people really are saying, not just what words they are using.

Among hundreds of people at my book launch last week, our three youngest children made their way through the crowd to the table where I was signing books and asked: "Can I please have a hug, daddy."

To me the world was standing still for a moment. You should know, we hug each other several times every day. However, this was different. This was them asking: "Are we still the most important people in your life, dad?" Taking a time-out right there and then became a wonderful opportunity for me to communicate just that; my family means most, has my greatest love and devotion - they are my first and highest priority.

Ironically, at that moment, they may have felt they needed me, but in reality it was probably I who needed them more. It was a touching moment that will stay with me as a prized memory.

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  1. How very true this is, and how often we ignore or miss these important opportunities. Thanks for sharing this and reminding us about the essential things in life, Vidar. You are awesome!!