Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3E at Ibsenhuset 28th of April

On Thursday the 28th of April at 18:30-20:00 a maximum of 870 people may attend the formal launch of 3E at Ibsenhuset in Skien.

The price is NOK 200,- for tickets sold at Ibsenhuset or online. NOK 350,- includes your own copy of the book. (I will be signing them following the seminar.)

What can you expect? A keynote session that's taken me nine years to prepare.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bed Time!

Bed time for the kids is a magical moment for me as a parent. We have five children, and each of them has qualities so rewarding to my wife and me. Let's make sure to stay close to our children.

Regardless of the amount of time I spend at work or in church service, there are a few basic routines I always maintain. I exercise and then I always read the scriptures in the morning. It's a moment I wouldn't miss for all the world. A time to think and ponder. Also, as a family, we read together every morning. This is mainly where I get my energy - "starting the day on the right foot" - with God and with my family!

Previously, I shared how making sure to have dinner together as a family makes a big difference. Today I'd like to share a few comments about that one golden moment for me as a parent. A good friend of mine said it so well:

     "We need kids for our own upbringing."

How true that is. When is that golden moment for parents? It's when the kids retire. It's when we announce bed time. Besides reading them a story and singing songs, what I enjoy the most is just lying next to them and spend the time listening. At this time they have every reason to speak and share. These visits are priceless to me. I know, the kids appreciate it, but I sincerely believe I'm the greater beneficiary.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Good Times

Oh, the good ol' times! In our home we watched TV three to fours hours a week if we were lucky, and then mum and dad would encourage us to go and spend our time more wisely.

When I was a little boy we watched kids TV at 18.00 in the evening for appx 30 minutes. (During the summer season it was 18.30, which took me quite a few years to figure out why.) It was black and white, one channel and the odd cartoon was a feast indeed. If you're my generation, do you remember any of these fanTAStiscally exciting shows? Nostalgic!