Sunday, February 13, 2011

Facebook Group - I Love Grenland

A week ago a virtual group began growing entitled "Jeg elsker Grenland" on Facebook (i.e. "I love Grenland). It already numbers 740 members and is steadily increasing in numbers.

Why is this so exciting? I live in Grenland and this part of the country enjoys a powerful heritage of innovative heros. Grenland is a fairly small place. There's roughly about 120,000 people living in this region, depending on how you count the population. During the past few years we have begun to witness a surge of great projects coming from positive key people.

What's the future of Grenland coming to? I'm hoping that the entire region will become --one and the same municipality--. This hot topic has been discussed and talked about for years. Well, now the time has come for change and improvement. Grenland can compete not only with the best of Norway - we've always taken the lead internationally. However, if Grenland is to really do well in the future, it needs a combined and focused effort.

Grenland. I challenge you: Dare to make a focused approach. Stand up and show the world what we have to offer!

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