Friday, January 7, 2011

Smart Decision - Always Compute Online

In early 2008 I made a smart decision that has affected me more than I thought it would. What did I decide? I made the permanent switch to always working online. Since then, I've consciously produced all content in the browser only.

In which direction are you going? Are you online? Or are you still producing content locally on your hard drive? Did you know there's a better way? There are many good reasons why you should go online. In fact, there's no reason not to.

Online computing has had a great number of benefits for me, but also for the people I work with. Why am I sharing this? Because still, in 2011, I daily encounter people who do not grasp a better way of working, and that I easily take for granted. The greatest benefit this change has brought me..? I think and work differently with a sense of greater effectiveness - less effort - better results:
  • I now almost always share information with someone (i.e. team members have full insight and spend less time finding information and reproducing content. Double work has been eliminated).
  • Interaction is more transparent which leads to fewer misunderstandings; I spend less time explaining details and "every-day stuff". A greater portion of my time is spent in value creation.
  • My data is available to me on any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • During the past three years I've only lost data once (which is when I made an exception to the rule).
  • People around me have become more effective and keep thanking me for it.
  • Most of all, like I already said; I now work with a completely different mind set in every aspect of my work. Online computing has actually changed me!
But, and there is a huge drawback if you're not careful, I always try to make sure data is backed up locally in addition to having it online. The potential problem of online content is of course that without the web connection you have "nothing", leaving you helpless.

Conclusion: If you feel uncertain about online computing I only have two words of advice. Try it! (You'll never go back, once you've truly made the switch.)

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