Friday, January 14, 2011

A Day Is A Life In Miniature

Each day is like a whole life in miniature. If we begin our days like energetic and enthused children, live it like adults and finish it like old and wise people, each new day may be perceived as a new life - another opportunity to live a little better.

Consider the enormous speed and ease with which little children pick up languages, habits and patterns. Think about the way "natural ability" diminishes over the years; how life speeds up, then peaks, and finally slumbers toward retirement. Three stages. In short, childhood and early living establishes patterns, adulthood gets the work done and retirement slows down, making us think back and evaluate on how to get things right.

If we compare life with the natural course of day, we would probably be wiser, gaining the upper hand if we took advantage of the rhythm each day presents us with: 1) Tapping into the powers of the mind and brain during the early waking hours by reading, reflecting and planning. 2) Executing around "the most important" during the working day. 3) Slowing down by looking back on the day to evaluate what might have been done differently, and if there's still time left...


  1. Haha. If what you say is true, then I optimistically look forward to my graduation from primary school!
    Seriously, those days where I have managed to "seize the day" have been the most satisfying. If I am so lucky as to have time left... well I use this time to daydream the "big dream" as it helps me remember why I am living in the first place.

  2. That's an insightful comment, Lynne. From what I can gather, only a person with a higher education (in life) would qualify to produce such a reply to my little thought of the day ;-)