Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Cluster Island Has Been Sold!

I've jokingly named Klosterøya "The Cluster Island", because we're bringing a lot of companies together in this place. The long awaited news about the Island being sold has now reached us. This is no small thing!

A major transaction has taken place. In the middle of Skien, my own home town, there's an island called Klosterøya. This piece of land has now changed ownership. All major news agents in Norway report the same matter; Klosterøya has been sold - NOK 240 million for the heart of Skien. How I wish to have been part of the bidding! It certainly is no ordinary thing to witness the core of an entire city being sold in one transaction. In fact, it's nothing but historic. Hopefully it's a sign of new and better times!

Photo by Inge Fjelldalen

Klosterøya in Skien carries with it a long and unique history, even internationally. I once heard that the name Skien (or Scheen) appeared on a map in old Italy long before most of the Norwegian cities were even known. The Monestary (Norwegian: "Kloster") that was once located on the island, after which the island carries its name, is said to have been an important and internationally recognized intellectual base.

Today IKT Grenland, a cluster of IT companies in this region, have their offices at Klosterøya. Our ambition is to restore the island and the entire region back to its former greatness - a centre for knowledge sharing and creation of great intellectual property, both with regards to software as well as entrepreneurship and open innovation.

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