Friday, December 31, 2010

Why Not Now?

Why not change what you've wanted to change about yourself now? Why not make a decision, write it down, make a recording of it and play the recording on a daily basis?

I have the privilege of getting really close to great individuals. And do you know what I find? Deep down the majority of us feel disappointed about ourselves. We feel we could be more, love more and do more. We intensely want to make changes, but somehow lack the energy to really get it done.

We've tried so many times before and failed equally often. It hurts to always "fall back into the same old trap of daily living". We're caught in self destructive patterns, and as the spirit of youth ebbs out, silently something dies within us. Trying turns into trying less, and trying less turns into not trying anymore. With continually less faith in ourselves and diminishing hope we quietly move towards apathy. We stop dreaming, stop wanting, stop believing. And so we postpone and delay until... what we vividly could picture in our minds for the future simply never happens and evaporates. Retirement becomes the mental acceptance of reality - the definition of a defeated soul of which there are far too many.

Charles Dickens' famous story about Ebenezer Scrooge describes an old man that had grown into such a state. However, as we know, with a little help he was able to snap out of it and make at least one basic change. Today I want to assure you. You can make that same change in someone whose life is secretly miserable. What to do?

First, change one small thing about yourself that really matters. Become a little more who you really want to be. Write down what you plan to change. Make a recording that explains WHY you want to change, WHAT you will change, WHO it will affect and HOW you will do it - just a few centences in "affirmative style" expressing faith that you are already doing it. This will turn your subconscious into an ally, rushing to your aid. Without it, change is very hard. Or rather, if you can't mentally see it, impossible!

Secondly, and most importantly, consciously inspire change in others by sharing the energy you gain from changing and improving yourself.

You can do it. You can do it now!


  1. Vidar, reading your blog is always a good investment :)
    I noticed "new year resolution" topic second time (there was one a year ago), and it is really helpful. I hope your tips will help this year again. Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much, Juliusz! I really appreciate your comment and feedback. My desire is to inspire my readers ;-)