Monday, December 27, 2010

Influence Influenceable Influential People

I influence influenceable influential people, because those are the kind of people I enjoy spending my time with. Why? Because these people tend to have closely linked character traits that appeal to me and I know that whatever I do has a long lasting effect beyond this one individual only.

My mission statement is not something I share with anyone but my most personal relationships. However, there's one essential part of my mission statement that specifically requires sharing. And so I've spoken warmly about it - shared it - for many years at

One single individual can (and will) make all the difference for both good and bad. Think about this for a moment. Yes, all good or bad "stuff" is triggered by the energy from one single individual. Thus, this simple fact singles out the topic I'm most excited about and have dedicated my life to clarify and bring out in the open:

" [to] effectively influence influenceable influential people to influence for good?"

...with correct principles and for the right reasons or noble purposes.

What does this mean? So very much, but most of all, how one-on-one interaction has the most powerful long term effect on the human heart and mind. For this reason I strive to spend my time with carefully qualified and selected people that indeed will pass on my energy to their surrounding key relationships.

Most importantly, a person may not be influential today, but when I see in this person a) willingness to be influenced and b) a potential desire to become influential I will spend time uncovering and developing the ethics, values and belief systems of this individual to c) inspire a spreading effect.

p.s. Notice how I've shaped this particular part of my mission statement into a question. The question conveys a lot of meaning to me, some of which includes how I believe the best answers to this key question represents a lifelong quest.

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