Thursday, November 11, 2010

Automatic Backup Google Calendar

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you were to lose the data in your Google Calendar? I have. That information has become so important, I'd certainly like to make sure such a thing never happens.

You might say that my Google calendar has become a fairly critical tool. Not only is it tied into every possible solution e.g. cell phone and online work projects... But also, my entire family is in there, each one of us with his or her own calendar.

The power of this is simply inCREDible! Whenever my wife or even any of our five children inputs an appointment, I instantly know about it. Getting in sync only requires periodical updates, to make sure we're in charge of the big rocks.

Having "converted" my older brother and his family to the same he sent me a link this morning that's going to be very useful; getting automatic and regular backups of the Google Calendar. Even though I have a Mac computer, Apple will have to work hard on the strategic level to make me switch from the Google platform when it comes to critical software solutions. iPhone's nice, but Android just perfectly supports my daily needs sooo much better!

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