Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Network of Board Members in Norway

On Tuesday the 31st of August "Board Members in Norway" (i.e. "Styremedlemmer i Norge") will meet together for the first time at The Norwegian School of Management (BI) in Nydalen, Oslo.

The "Board Members in Norway" network has grown to more than two thousand members within a very short space of time. The first network event has more than 370 participants, which was fully booked in just a few days. Main speaker this time will be Erik Gudbrandsen, former Chairman of the Board at Ernst & Young.

This network gathering will be a yearly event, but will grow each time in groups based on levels. Each level will allow for privileges, contacts, training and honors defined by its management group:

Erik Gudbrandsen (Former Chairman, Ernst & Young)
Mia Skriver (Partner, TPM)
Terje Skriver (CEO, TPM)
Eirik Chambe-Eng (Founder and Entrepreneur, Trolltech - now Nokia)
Vidar Top (Partner, FranklinCovey)

To sign up for next year's event (Tue 30th of Aug 2011) you will have to join the network and become a member at LinkedIn.

The network also facilitates monthly live online interviews in Norwegian (the 4th Friday of every month at 15:00 CET) with distinguished / renowned and especially competent business people based on forum discussions and red hot relevant topis.

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