Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The 3 Energies Behind Sales Success

Eight long years of research and hard work have come to an end. The longest project of my life in business has finally resulted in the publishing of the 3E book. And all of this for YOU!

3E is the branded abbreviation short for "The 3 Energies Behind Sales Success".

3E is about how to influence people effectively. Learn how to:

* successfully kick-start and maintain large scale movements and communities

* run projects successfully by always focusing on what matters most

* present a message that appeals to the masses and be remembered

* influence key decision makers you thought were impossible to reach

* win major clients, even in a suffering market

* in short, become a master of sales and selling

* or to make it more personal, be a better more influential father or mother


  1. Congrats on your accomplishment. Must be very rewarding to have finished this book.

  2. Tell me about it! 8 looong years ;-)