Thursday, June 3, 2010

Submit Receipts Online

How much time to you spend producing those travel expense claims or documents? Did you ever miss a receipt? Ever lost track of where you were, how much mileage... or any of that knitty gritty travel stuff that just clutters your working day?

Of all online solutions, one that really makes my life easier is online submission of receipts. There are several solutions.

Here are three of them for you to consider:

So here's what I do; let's say I'm in the store getting some food on my way to a meeting abroad. The lady hands me the receipt. Next thing, instead of putting it in my pocket, I pull out my cell phone and take a picture of it. A few seconds later the picture is seamlessly uploaded to my Expensify account without pressing a single button. Before I move on I'm careful to lose my excess paper in a waste container.

Once back in the office, I log on and click my way through the expenses - all automatic - and then submit the expense report. Manual mistakes eliminated. Time saved. No more stress.

One thing's for certain. We no longer need to a) carry with us those receipts and b) spend time handling travel expenses. Do it while you're on the go. It's cloud computing at its best!

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